Engineering is a field that provides wide career choices to the candidates; it is not rigid, but a flexible field. A computer science graduate or B. Tech (CS) can opt for a career in software engineering, or application development, or web development, or game designing, or IT management, or many other different roles. Similarly, there are varied options available in other B. Tech branches.
High job security: As said earlier, there is no scarcity of jobs for CS graduates; there are
plenty of jobs available for them in India as well as abroad; thus, there is good job
security in this field compared to others. Moreover, tech-giants such as Google,
Microsoft, and IBM have their offices in various cities of India, which recruit a large
number CS engineers and offer a high level of job security.
Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and lucrative career options, you being an aspiring student can choose. This degree is a ticket to...Good grade on your certificate is definitely an advantage and also a reflection of your core knowledge. In spite of that, why the correlation between job opportunities and grades is very less? It is because of the fact that a good knowledge on a subject does not warranty the ability to apply it to solve real-time problems.
Thirdly, the placement record of the institution must be good both quantity and quality wise. That is to say, a good percentage of students should get campus placements in most relevant industries at relevant roles as per their engineering branch. The salary package should also be good. It is the responsibility of the university placement office to prepare students for interviews and to invite reputable companies for campus recruitment.
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